Shiatsu in Munich

What you should pay attention to:

When exhaling, move slowly into the end position, stay there for two breaths and then return to the starting position.

If you have time, repeat each exercise twice. There is no need to do it perfectly. The more easily you are able to do the exercise, the better.

1. Exercise for lungs and large intestine

2. Exercise for stomach and spleen


3. Exercise for heart and small intestine

4. Exercise for bladder and kidneys

5. Exercise for circulation and triple heater

6. Exercise for gall bladder and liver

Exercises and sequence taken from Shizuto Masunaga, the founder of zen-shiatsu, “So that people […] can once again find a way to bring their body back into harmony with their inner feelings.” (Shizuto Masunaga, Meridian Dehnübungen, Felicitas Hübner Verlag, Lehrte 1999, page 32)